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Metalworking industry represents a very interesting and attractive possibility for the investment. The city of Gradiška has a respectable industry tradition and the potential in the human resources which is certainly interesting for the investment in the metalworking industry. In the city of Gradiška, metal industry sector has a long term tradition and the strong perspective for growth. The metal industry sector is significantly faced toward the export and strengthening of the technological and human competencies of the company. Secondary Technical School in Gradiška with 587 enrolled students offers among other things the education for the mechanical engineering technicians, technician for mechatronics, technicians of CNC technologies, information technology technicians. In the system of the three year teaching, this school offers the education for the locksmiths, processors of metal by cutting, car mechanics, welders and locksmiths.

The high level of the technologies and technological processing of the metal provides the opportunity to the local firms the making of the practically any part of the metal upon the request and the specification of the buyer. Among the firms which are the leaders in the metal processing, we want to point out also some of them, such as: TIKT manufaktura d.o.o., PMP Jelšingrad a.d., Čekić d.o.o., Laguna Šped d.o.o., Ewes Europe East d.o.o., Mehanizmi B d.o.o., Metal a.d. and others.

The activities of these companies are mainly related for projecting and production of the metal constructions and parts, metal positions for the parts of CNC machines, the positions for car industry, ironmongery of the wrought iron, inox and aluminium, then for the production of the machines for civil engineering and for processing of the stainless metal. Most of the firms place their products on the foreign market, what gives a great contribution into the foreign trade exchange and shows the competitiveness of the metal sector of the city of Gradiška.

Investment possibilities:

  • Possible collective investments and partnerships with the local metalworking firms
  • Establishment and initiating of the new metalworking companies in the framework of the existing investment zones
  • Investment into the adapted brownfield sites

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