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Throughout history, the city of Gradiška has a long tradition of dealing with forestry. At the end of the XIX century, Austro-Hungarian started with the exploitation of wood at this area. The example of the successful cooperation with the combination of tradition over 150 years in the sector of wood processing are the activities of the Gradiška firm Nova drvna industrija Podgradci d.o.o., that produces wooden chairs for the Swedish company IKEA. In the area of city of Gradiška woodworking sector is on the rise, as evidenced by the bigger number of the firms specialized for the production of the final products chairs, doors, windows, upholstered and panel furniture. Nine larger firms and the few smaller sawmills achieve over 22 million of euros of revenue annually and employ of around 900 workers. Main products of the wood industry in Gradiška are sawn wood, production of the panel elements for the furniture industry (kitchens, doors and similar) panels from the solid wood and the other similar semi products. The final industry represents therefore the segment of the great potential for growth.

Support to the wood industry provides also Secondary Technical School Gradiška which in the process of enrolment of the students takes care on the necessities of the local businessmen and for those purposes directs and educates the cadre with the occupations wood processing technician and upholsterer-decorator.

Among the most successful firms at the area of City of Gradiška, we want to single out the companies Tapetarija Matić d.o.o., Tapetarija Nikolić d.o.o. that deal with the production of the upholstered furniture by the wishes and demands of the buyer, Reflex d.o.o. and San-G d.o.o., firms that produce panel furniture of the top quality (furniture for  living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices), firms Stolarija Tomić d.o.o. and Stolarija Rapić d.o.o. which deal with the production of the wood joinery of the top quality for many years now. Over 80% of the products of these companies end on the market of the European Union and the surrounding countries.

Investment possibilities:

  • Construction and establishing of the new production plants in the framework of the industrial zone
  • Possibility of the cooperation and acquisition of the local woodworkers
  • Access to the potentially new markets through the agreements CEFTA, EFTA, AGREEMENT ON THE FREE TRADE WITH TURKEY, trade on the Russian market via Serbia etc.

More info at: http://www.privredagradiska.com/en.

Woodworking companies

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